Where to buy, climate and the location

Where to buy, climate and the location

Most foreigners buy in the tourist areas along the Spanish coast.



In Spain, between summer and winter, there are large climatic differences by region. If you buy a house in Spain with the idea to stay there during the winter it is important to know that the winters are cold, inclement and not always pleasant. In general, the most suitable to spend the winter months is the south of Mallorca.

Before making a final decision on which city or region you want to buy a house it is advisable first to consider to rent something, preferably for a longer period and also in other seasons than summer and off season. That way you have the time and opportunity to see if it is the area you actually like. Moreover, you have the time to familiarise yourself with the local real estate market; prices, types of items, locations, etc.

The location of the house, between others, influence  on the following issues:

  • the purchase price
  • accessibility (how can one get there, travel time and travel expenses)
  • cost of living (on the coast side food is often more expensive than inland)
  • the enjoyment in summer and winter
  • climate
  • recreational, cultural and social opportunities
  • rentals possibilities
  • educational opportunities for children now and later
  • sales opportunities in the short and long term


When choosing a location, it is advisable to not only look at the purchase price of the house, but also the other costs that come with it the place of choice (travel expenses, property taxes, cost of living, cost of local amenities, etc. )
During the orientation phase, the cost aspect plays an important role; for the purchase and annual fee you get listed, how much you can spend in a year and if you can get any refund.



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