What to buy?

What to buy?

What to buy? The property you want to buy is highly dependent on your wishes, your financial capabilities, the offer and the price.

Checklist – what to buy?

  • do not buy the first house, which is offered by a broker, real estate agent, developer or anyone else.
  • let you not be influenced during an orientation tour by the group, or by beautiful stories from real estate agent and realise that you will see only a limited selection of houses during such orientation trip, with only the houses that are in the portfolio of the broker or just houses that are being built or have already been built through the relevant developer.
  • often you will receive your travel costs back if  you sign a purchase contract during such orientation trip. Please do not be tempted to do so. The costs of such flights are cheaper than a bad bargain. Consider the orientation trip really like an orientation trip not as a compulsory “buy travel”.
  • during your first visit take your video camera with you so you when you are back home you can just check again all projects you’ve saw.
  • let yourself not to be rushed by the seller. There are enough offers on the Spanish property market has many. The seller needs you more than you him.
  • think when purchasing about the sale as well. Try to find a home that not only meets your individual needs, but also those of a larger audience. Your house needs well to be within the mark, so that after some time again easily can be sold. Pay attention to the needs and preferences of other foreigners and possibly Spanish, because in recent years a lot of properties been bought by the Spanish themselves.
  • in the pleasant Spanish climate you live more outside than inside. That’s why your house doesn’t have to be big. A bit more land to spend time outside can often be just as important.

Asking Price

It is difficult to lay down the rules to determine the precise price of the house. Below you can find a number of things that can affect the price:

  • market situation: high demand and limited supply results in a higher asking price or v.v.
  • period: in some months purchased more than in other months (during the summer months is generally bought less)
  • town, location and environment (social character of the neighbourhood)
  • outdoor area: the size of the garden, location in relation to the sun, shade, views
  • marketability: is house interesting: yes or no
  • structural condition
  • hurry: a person who is forced to sell his house, it is more likely to lower the price
  • zoning: negative or positive development of the resort area
  • it is very common in Spain, the same houses are offered by different agents for different prices. You are therefore advised to “shop around” at different agents, this can save some euro’s.


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